Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New plantings and baby chickies!

We are adding to our fruit and flowering trees, and adding some color to the yard while we wait to be able to plant out the veggie garden.

Ordered from Arbor Day Foundation and planted last night:
2 Golden Jubilee Peach trees
1 Fragrant Lilac
2 Blue Hydrangea bushes
4 Bar Harbor Junipers
1 Orange Azalea
1 Red Maple Tree (free)
2 Forsythias (free)

I also purchased from Lowe's yesterday:
2 blueberry bushes
2 fig trees

We also dug up lots of baby forsythia bushes from under our bush at the corner of the house, so many in fact that we were able to line the back of the house with bushes - that will be pretty next spring!

We received our order of baby chicks yesterday also.  We ordered 25 hens (just a mix of brown egg layers) and they sent a free exotic chick also.  They are chirping away from their cage in the laundry room.  We need to work on adding to the chicken house and making an additional run for them.  They will be inside for a few weeks though.

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